Top 10 foods for healthy vibrant skin

By Sheridan Genrich, ND.

Many women (me included) spend numerous hours and dollars striving for clear, vibrant & healthy skin.

While some lotions and potions go a long way to help, the types of food we eat play a big part in our skin quality in the short and long term.

Our skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body. So if your skin is looking dehydrated there’s a good chance the cells inside also are.

Think you’re already eating pretty healthy?

Well there’s still a chance your diet can be low in key nutrients, essential for good skin.

Here are some of my favourite foods to keep your skin glowing through the summer months:

1. Blueberries and Pomegranates – rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals such as anthocyanins, which help protect you from fine lines and dryness.
2. Dark Chocolate – (when made from raw cacao) is rich in flavonoids to protect the skin from sun damage.
3. Spinach – full of vital nutrients and antioxidants help fight inflammation and free radical damage.
4. Walnuts – rich in omega 3 and vitamin E to make for smoother skin, healthier hair and stronger bones.
5. Yoghurt – contains zinc to help calm skin inflammation and help cell regeneration.
6. Tomatoes – great source of lycopene to protect the skin from sun damage
7. Kiwi fruit – vitamin C stimulates collagen production and repair damage to skin-cell DNA.
8. Edamame – the isoflavones in these Japanese soybeans ease inflammation and slow down collagen breakdown.
9. Sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash – the body turns beta-carotene into skin-smoothing retinol.
10. Green tea – rich in antioxidant catechins to help prevent certain cancers and stave off sunburn.

While this list isn’t exhaustive focusing on these main sources will give you a great start.

It goes without saying that the power of at least 6-8 glasses of clean drinking water daily, (ideally purified) cannot be underestimated if you want firm skin.

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