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Sheridan loves being able to share her passion for natural health to help others create a vibrant life. Here are just some of the interviews or opportunities you may recently have heard her message on. Enjoy!

If you have an interview or event coming up and would like Sheridan to speak on a range of topics from Effective Natural Methods for Better Focus & Mood, Ways to Improve Sleep (without side-affects), Common Mistakes Even the Most Health-Conscious People Make or Why Fibre is Your Lifeline to Health and more……..please get in contact with her: or call 0490 035 011

About Pyroluria, Methylation and Anxiety

TCL Podcast Ep. 45: Sheridan Genrich – Better Brain Health

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Foods for Better Mood

Mental Health Expo interviews Sheridan

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Tips for Better Life

Learning Not to Swear Podcast interviews Sheridan

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Impact of Gut Bacteria on Weight Loss

“Not Another Diet Expo” interviews Sheridan

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“Rapid Change” Mental Health Section Co-Authorship

Co-authored a section on mental health for the book “Rapid Change” that became a #1 Amazon best-seller

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