Brain Fog & Mood Swings?

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Decreasing anxiety and reducing the effects of stress
Uplifting mood and decreasing depression
Hormone balancing – adrenals, thyroid and cortisol
Overcoming fatigue and improving sleep
Food intolerances
Weight management and digestive problems

consultation -
1 hr

Starting with your main health concern, I’ll then go through a comprehensive health analysis by looking at your family history, diet and lifestyle. Some of the tests you’ll have done include:

  • Zinc test – an essential mineral for immunity
  • Iridolgy – an iris analysis can check for predispositions you have and highlight areas requiring nurturing
  • Blood pressure and heart rate check

Your treatment plan may include herbal medicines and vitamin & mineral supplements and involve modifications to diet and lifestyle.

You may be able to claim a contribution from your Health Fund if they cover Naturopathy or Nutrition.

consultation – 30mins

These are essential to keep you moving forward to your health goals. The treatment plan and program of herbal and nutritional medicines often changes as your health improves.

Short consultation – 30mins

A short consultation, up to 30min is available for acute cases. Many acute conditions such as nausea, cold, flu or sinusitis respond well to herbal and nutritional medicines.

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