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Client Stories

Adele Sinclair, Managing Director, Wellness at Work Australia“Sheridan’s program was hugely helpful for me. I’ve eaten well for many years and already had various health practices as part of my daily routine. However, Sheridan helped me to take these up a level by showing me how to make my routines more targeted and therefore more impactful for my health and energy.

Sheridan’s holistic approach, understanding of food as medicine, and her grasp of the latest research make her someone I am pleased to recommend. She’s the go-to person for anyone wanting to overcome health challenges and enjoy vibrant energy and wellbeing.”

Adele Sinclair, Managing Director, Wellness at Work Australia

“My energy & productivity went sky-high after working privately with Sheridan for only a couple of months. When I first saw her I had no energy, was piling on weight, stressed out and had lost my focus. She knew exactly what specific herbs & supplements I needed to get back on track. I only needed them for a short time.

I then made some changes to my diet - removed some things - but added in a whole lot more. I now have resources for simple tasty meals that I enjoy and I’m confident are nourishing me. She helped me lose 20 pounds, sleep an extra couple of hours a night and gave me tools to better manage excess stress.
Her attention to detail and accuracy with iridology was incredible. This helped me identify patterns and habits that weren’t serving me.”

Michael Lee, Executive Director of Global Consulting Co.

Sheridan is the best! I’d had a painful and unattractive skin condition called psoriasis for over a decade and tried various creams to get rid of it. Working with Sheridan not only got rid of it but I now know how to stop it from coming back.

Rachel_HandBefore Rachel_HandAfterRachel_FingerBeforeRachel_Finger_After

She helped me also lose weight, which was an added bonus. She tailored my nutrition to meals and snacks that I actually enjoy eating and so I don’t feel deprived.

Rachel Whittaker, Business Owner & mother of 2

Jeanie_phototestimonial“I really wanted more food choices that were healthy, that I liked, so I could carry forward and that’s what I really liked about Sheridan’s program. That she had recipes that I could add in or take out - coconut cream and avocado - depending on whether I was on the detox. And I found that REALLY LIKED some of the recipes and can still continue to use. So that was a real big one! Also I felt like I needed mental clarity for my work - I write software - and I just needed to have better energy, mental clarity and just in general lower inflammation and I got ALL those things too.”

Jeanie Egbert, Software Developer

“Before Sheridan’s program, I was feeling low in energy, heavy, something just not right - all unbalanced - and I definitely feel different now! I feel clean, light and I lost some weight.

I had gut issues – acid and constipation before. And I feel that the acid has been completely resolved and the constipation has improved.

The part that I liked the most was the fact that it was guided and it wasn’t just us doing a detox and trying to follow and thinking, well ‘what I am supposed to do if…whatever happens. Sheridan was available to answer questions but also the educational part of it - explaining the process and how it affects your body and the possible symptoms that could come up - I think that was extremely helpful. And hearing how other people in the group did as well was great.
Now I feel like I have more control over the things that I can do to improve my health. For example, I’m going to start working again and that’s usually challenging but now I know that I can keep it up and plan my meals more carefully. So I’m excited!”

Leonora Simonovis, College professor & mother of 2

Christy photo“After giving birth to my second child, I was looking for a way to lose my excess weight gained through pregnancy. I was excited to start on the Feel Great Naked program. Leading a busy lifestyle, I was looking for a quick and easy way without spending time preparing. I loved the smoothie recipes, very easy to make and tasted great. The plan was very easy to follow with lots of different recipes for variety, even some sweet healthy versions! Sheridan was so helpful and informative and I learned a lot about the reasoning behind the need for each food group instead of just being told what to eat. This is great for ongoing maintenance moving forward. The online mentoring sessions were amazing and a great support in the journey, Sheridan even had some helpful tips about healthy cleaning products! I thoroughly recommend this program for those looking to either lose weight, or just embark on a new healthier life.”

Christy Mena, Marketing executive & mother of 2


Wilma Oakes, mother of 2

Julie_Wright“Since working with Sheridan I now rarely get sick.

Before that, my immunity was low from a lot of travel & working long hours plus doing a lot of exercise. She genuinely cares and her approach is always targeted to the needs of my mind and body at a given time. I now make far better food choices and have a more positive outlook on my life.”

Julie Wright, Flight Attendant & Personal Trainer

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